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Why We’re Obsessed With Tart Cherry Juice

April 30th, 2014

photoWhen I think of cherries I immediately think of those bright red, sugar coated, sweet spheres you find jarred next to the chocolate syrup, but we’re not talking about the ones you set atop your sundae; we mean the real deal tart cherry. Often misunderstood, tart cherries have been relegated to the back of the berry line in terms of important health benefits, but no more. Tart cherries contain a collection of nutrients, antioxidants, and disease fighting chemicals. So what’s the catch? In order to benefit from eating cherries you’d have to eat a sack full! Don’t panic yet, we have an answer for you: organic tart cherry juice. With only 137 calories per cup, this juice is densely packed with all the nutrition benefits of the cherries themselves. So what will this super juice do for you? Tart cherry juice is an anti-inflammatory, this means it can protect against muscle damage and arthritis. In addition, cherries contain anthocyanins, an antioxidant phytochemical that encourage healthy circulation, proper nerve function, and offer anti-cancer properties. No other berry contains the same trifecta of disease fighting chemicals as the tart cherry. These chemicals aid in preventing cell transformations that directly induce breast, lung, liver and skin cancers. The antioxidants present in tart cherries interact with bad cholesterols, leading to a reduced risk of heart attack and stroke. If these amazing health benefits don’t give you reason to add tart cherry juice into your diet, we believe the taste alone will have you hooked!

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