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Tired of Being Tired? – 5 Tips To Give You An Energy Boost

June 11th, 2014

Tired of being tired? Many of us struggle with lethargy and feeling sluggish day after day. Lacking energy can be an annoying way to muddle though life and can make every day tasks feel like small struggles. Try these 5 tips to amp up your energy levels so you can avoid the crash and burn.

1. Drink plenty of water. When we are thirsty this means our cells need H2O. Our bodies can’t function optimally without plenty of water, an essential fluid for all of our internal systems.

2. Cut back on sweet treats. Maintaining glucose levels throughout the day is imperative to keeping energy levels regular. When we eat processed carbohydrates and refined sugars our glycemic index spikes and eventually crashes (usually pretty quickly). Eating plenty of protein and fiber and skipping the sweets will help you keep sugar crashes at bay.

3. Make regular mealtimes. Skipping meals is a surefire way to empty your energy and caloric fuel tank. If you don’t feed your body it has nothing to work with, and you’ll be ready for a nap in no time.

4. Exercise! Regular exercise is one of the best ways to feel more energetic. Taking a bike ride or lifting weights will surely give you a boost.

5. Soak up some rays. Vitamin D from sunlight can do amazing things for your body. Getting a few minutes of sunlight a day can help fight fatigue, just make sure you wear your sunscreen!

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