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Threshold / Metabolic Testing at Hive

January 17th, 2015

Are you training with all the facts?

Take the guesswork out of your training by accurately determining your correct training intensity. When using a heart rate monitor it is crucial to establish training zones based around your lactate threshold (LT) rather than using maximum heart rate equations. Sports Science research has shown that using threshold to establish training zones is the most precise way to establish training zones.

Until recently VO2 testing was only available for elite athletes or through University performance labs. It is now available for all athletes!

1959774_10151994591927887_242064954_nBenefits of Testing

– Establish exact training zones for maximum performance and weight loss.
– Detailed heart rate and power based zones.
– Determine endurance sports genetic potential based on VO2 Max.
– Identify possible weaknesses in metabolic energy systems.
– Determine fitness level.

How are VO2 Max and threshold tests performed?

The test is performed on a treadmill and/or the athlete’s bicycle attached to a computer controlled ergometer. Actual testing usually lasts around 10 – 15 minutes depending on the individual. The athlete wears a mask with sensors attached to a metabolic analyzer so that respiratory gases can be measured (Oxygen uptake, Carbon Dioxide production, and total volume). For triathletes it is valuable to be tested both on the bike and treadmill as training zones can vastly different between sports.

When is the testing?

All day Friday February 6th by appointment.

What is included with the testing?

– Consultation to explain the testing result and how to best implement data in training.
– Report with heart rate zone and wattage zones.
– Metabolic profile during exercise.
– Fat vs Carbohydrate use.
– VO2 Max data.

Information/Sign Up:

Call a Hive Concierge at 716.625.4483 or contact
Doug Bush directly at 716.499.2300, doug@endurancefactor.com

How much is the fee?

$120 single test, $195 bike and run test.

About Doug Bush

Doug has a Bachelors degree in Exercise Science with a concentration in Sports Nutrition from the University of Buffalo. He holds advanced certifications from USA Cycling (Elite Level I Certification) and USA Triathlon (Level II Certification). He has performed over 700 tests on all level of athletes. As an author on endurance sports, Doug has had articles published on physiological testing in endurance sport magazines such as Velo News, Inside Triathlon, Triathlon Life, and Trail Runner Magazine.

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