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The Lowdown On Buying and Wearing Activewear

June 21st, 2014

IMG_8473Buying activewear can be a gratifying or horrifying experience depending on where you are on the in-shape/out-of-shape spectrum. Whatever size and shape you are here are some things to remember on your next activewear shopping trip.

  • Size doesn’t matter. Just because you unrealistically want to be a size 2 or an extra extra small doesn’t mean you should buy that size. Many woman obsess over what the tag says when they shouldn’t. If wearing a size 8 means your butt will look better, buy a size 8! Clothes should make you feel and look good regardless of the size. Plus, no one sees the tag anyway!
  • Going up a size will not make you look smaller. Again, clothes that fit properly will be the most flattering no matter what your figure is. Wearing oversized clothes will only make you look heavier, and on the flip side, clothing that’s too small or tight will not make you look smaller either.
  • Every brand runs different. For example, a size 4 in activewear is not analogous to a size 4 women’s dress pant. Activewear tends to run a lot smaller, where a size 4 would be similar to an extra small.
  • Quality over quantity. High end activewear will last for years if cared for properly, so even if the price seems lofty the quality behind the product is well worth the extra dollars.


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