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Making Fitness Trends Past & Present Work For You.

November 14th, 2014

_DLC9883One of the most challenging parts of maintaining a fitness regimen, is the actual maintenance – not losing your motivation, making sure that you get to the gym, and keeping it all going as a part of an overall health lifestyle.

Sticking with the fundamentals will yield results that are both quick, and at the same time, long-lasting. A successful program is one that includes proper rest, recovery and periodization (dividing your training program into smaller, progressive stages based on goals, performance, and ability). Although it may sound simple enough, this is in fact where most need to consult the expertise of a personal trainer. That’s why our perennial pick for top Fitness Trends is hiring a personal trainer.

Arm yourself with knowledge. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) tops the list for this year’s exercise trends. Opportunities for HIIT training are everywhere, from boot camp and tabata workouts to crossfit WODS. These programs can be highly effective for people interested in obliterating calories in short periods of time, but should not be the sole focus of anyone’s program. Former fitness trend chart-toppers from past years that have stood the test of time and are still highly effective include barre, spinning and power vinyasa yoga. Keep in mind – you don’t need to destroy yourself every time you’re in the gym

_DLC6499Begin a “Love Affair” with Cardio. Lately, it seems that cardio training has been getting a great deal of scrutiny, leading to some confusion about the best way to get your heart pumping. Remember, the “right kind” of cardio is one that you both enjoy, and which helps you reach your personal fitness and wellness goals. And, if you desire to jump into the 2014 HIIT training trend full bore, then building a solid aerobic base will help you realize the calorie-burning benefits that much better, and increase your stamina. Furthermore, cardio offers a myriad of well-researched benefits including reduced body fat and / or weight loss, better mental health, reduced incidence of heart disease and increased athletic performance.

Vary your program. This is where current fitness trends can be used to your advantage. Adding new unaccustomed programming helps keep your exercise routine fresh and exciting. Just be careful that your workout routine does not exclude one of the five key elements of physical activity; cardiovascular training, strength training, flexibility, core conditioning and balance. Many fitness trends focus on only one or two of these elements.

Fit is not a destination, it’s a way of life.  All health and fitness goals require sustained motivation.  Fitness is an adventure, not a destination, and you will enjoy the adventure much more if you make it your own versus being a slave to the most current trend.

Fueled By The Fit Life

October 25th, 2014

By Terri Hilmey

_DLC8693The restaurant business can be exhilarating, exciting, but exhausting at the same time.  You’re working long hours, and your customers are looking to you for more than just good food – they’re looking for great service, a cheerful and attractive atmosphere, and a full dining experience.

Justin Bingel, owner of Yolo Restaurant & Lounge, on Transit Road in East Amherst, has to run on all gears, almost all of the time.  His exercise routine at Hive is critical to his success, and his overall well-being.  “It keeps your mind at ease,” says Bingel, “when I’m at the gym it takes my mind away from the restaurant, and even when I am thinking about work, I’m getting good ideas, thinking of new dishes…”

Exercising, and living a healthy lifestyle does more than just keep you looking good.  “It keeps my energy going,” says Bingel, “and if I don’t get to the gym, I’m just not in the same mind frame.  I need to always have that great customer rapport that depends on me being in a good frame of mind.  I want to welcome my customers, I need to make sure they’re happy.”

Justin’s overall commitment to a healthy lifestyle ext_DLC8798ends also to the choices he makes at his restaurant.  “I’m big on eating healthy and eating in moderation, instead of the Buffalo tradition of having huge portions, and either trying to eat all of it, or take some of it home.  Food is healthier when it’s fresh, and when you’re served a proper portion, you get the full benefit of not only the great taste, but alos the nutritional benefit.”

Bingel has created healthy menu options a Yolo, working in some of the latest healthy eating trends, offering a gluten-free menu, and even going the extra mile with extremely rigorous cleaning routines.  “It makes a difference in the quality of the food,” says Bingel. “Clean cooking helps to make some of Buffalo’s traditional options healthier, because we’ll offer Buffalo wings, but our fryer is cleaner than most restaurants, so you’re going to get a better chicken wing, and you won’t have that bloated or sickly feeling afterwards.  It really matters.”

Bringing a little bit of downtown to the suburbs, Bingel has created a healthy, chick restaurant that embodies everything he personally feels about a healthy, energetic and well-balanced lifestyle.

Enjoy A Morning Of Fitness & Fright

October 22nd, 2014

Sweating With The Dead
01 November 2014 8:30 am – 12:30 pm

IMG_3514Join Hive for a ghoulish morning of fitness that is sure to send excess calories back to the nether world.  Costumes are encouraged and prizes will be awarded to the best three costumes.

Featured Classes

  • 8:30 – 9:30     Spinning with Meredith
  • 9:00 – 10:00    Burn 1000 with Maria & Justin
  • 9:45 – 10:45     Spinning with Stephanie
  • 10:00 – 11:00    Barre with Meghan
  • 10:00 – 10:30   Trekking with Kathleen
  • 11:00 – 12:00     Burn 1000 with Ashley & Maria

Our Seasonal Activewear Sale kicks off during the event with up to 70% off the hottest activewear styles in our boutique.

Complimentary lite bites and Hive signature cocktails will be provided.

Be sure to pre-register for this free event, space is hauntingly limited.  Call a Hive concierge at 716-625-4483 to reserve your spot.

Create A Love Affair With Cardio & Your Body Will Thank You

September 4th, 2014

GeorgeSpreeLately it seems that cardio training has been the recipient of a great deal of scrutiny leading to some confusion on what’s the best way to get your heart pumping. Remember, the “right kind” of cardio is one that you both enjoy and helps you reach your personal fitness and wellness goal.  For example, if fat loss or muscle maintenance is your goal then a shorter, more intense interval style of training will prove most effective.   However if running a marathon or cycling your first century is something you have always wished to complete then longer bouts of cardio and a structured base training program will be in order.  So how much cardio do you need?  The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) recommendation is for most adults to engage in at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise each week.  So head outside for a walk, hop on the elliptical or crush a 30 minute tabata class, whatever you choose just start moving.


Start living the “sweat life”Kathleen Spree

Cardio not only has a powerful effect on our weight loss goals it also provides a myriad of well-researched and documented health benefits.  Here are 5 reasons we have a love affair with cardio.

1. Reduced body fat and /or weight loss – The more calories you burn, the more fat you  lose and short high intensity cardio workouts are virtual fat incinerators.

2. Better Mental Health – Cardio is a natural mood enhancer and an effective way to lower stress.  Cardio has been shown in several studies to be an effective method for reducing symptoms of major depression.

3. As fitness goes up, the incidence of heart disease goes down – Several health factors associated with increased risk of heart disease including high blood pressure, high resting heart rate, high cholesterol, and high triglycerides can be improved upon with cardio.

4.  Perform Better – A conditioned cardio-respiratory system is more effective at sustaining activity and/ or recovering from it which allows you to play harder and longer.

5.  It just feels good to sweat!

30 minute treadmill interval workout

When you’re not raring to go but in need of a quality cardio session, let this treadmill workout come to the rescue. Have fun!

Time  Incline Pace HR Intensity %
0-5 0 warm-up
5-7 2% sprint 75-85% Max
7-9 2% jog 55-60%
9-11 3% sprint 75-85%
11-13 3% jog 55-60%
13-14 4% sprint 75-85%
14-16 4% jog 55-60%
16-17 4% sprint 75-85%
17-19 3% jog 55-60%
19-21 3% sprint 75-85%
21-23 2% jog 56-60%
23-25 2% sprint 75-85%
25-30 0% cool down

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