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Strong is the new SKINNY

December 28th, 2014

Forget about craving runway models stick –thin figures, today’s women now want Jillian Michaels’s abs, Michelle Obama’s arms and legs like Carrie Underwood. It’s hard to deny that the women we see in the media on a daily basis are insanely fit and we will let you in on a little secret of how they do it: strength training with he(2014-11-29 16-03-47)NIKON CORPORATION NIKON D300S (4288x2848)11090663 copyavy weights. Although these images are based on ideals and specific body types it doesn’t mean that women can’t strive to look their best and get in great shape too. Many women still believe that using little or no weight for a high volume of repetitions will yield a sleek, sculpted, “toned” physique…WRONG. By lifting heavy weights, and we don’t mean purple 5 pound hand weights, your muscles will respond by growing, your metabolism will increase with muscle growth, bones will become denser, and you become innately stronger. Muscle is metabolically active while fat is not, therefore the more muscle you have the more calories you will burn, even at rest! Lifting heavy weights will not only build dense, strong muscle but it will burn fat as well. It is also important to always remember that creating calorie deficits and eating a proper diet will only propel your progress forward and reveal those muscles sooner! So pump some iron today, your metabolism will thank you.

Q & A

We sat down with two of our members, Dianne Myers & Lisa Maclaughlin who have embraced the message that “strong is the new skinny” to learn more about how they stay active and inspired while balancing the rigors of every day life. Here is what they had to say.

(2014-11-29 16-22-21)NIKON CORPORATION NIKON D300S (4288x2848) copyQ: How important is good nutrition to your overall success?
A: (Lisa) Diet plays a huge role. My diet consists of mostly ground turkey, green veggies and sweet potatoes but it’s easy to pick off of my kids plates without thinking and that’s what makes it harder to stay regimented.
A: (Diane) Very important, but there definitely has to be a balance between eating healthy and splurging when you want to, like going out to dinner for example. I’d say I’m really good 5 days a week and I enjoy my weekends. Chicken, veggies brown rice and sweet potatoes are staples in my diet.

Q: Do you have a celebrity inspiration that keeps you motivated?
A: (Lisa) I’d say my social media pages like Instagram and Pinterest are centered around health and fitness. I follow and find many of my healthy recipes on these pages as well.
A: (Diane) Jillian Michaels is a big inspiration of mine, as well as the fitness pages I follow on Instagram. My Instagram is nearly 100% fitness related, it keeps me motivated.

Q: Why did you choose hive?
A: (Lisa) Not only is the facility extremely clean but hive has great equipment, trainers, childcare and classes as well. Everyone here is really focused on their workout and it’s nice to be in that kind of environment without distractions.
A: (Diane) I agree with Lisa, hive gives a sense of privacy that you can’t find at other gyms. The childcare is a huge component as well, we both have kids so we need to be able to bring them with us at times and trust they’re being cared for.

Q: What is your favorite body part to train?
A: (Lisa) Shoulders because you can see results quickly, but I have to say lower body is a must.
A: (Diane) I like training my arms but like Lisa said, lower body is essential.

Q: If you could only keep one piece of activewear in your closet what would it be?
A: (Lisa) I’d keep my lululemon Studio jacket.
A: (Diane) Definitely my Wunder Unders.

Q: What ti(2014-11-29 16-15-48)NIKON CORPORATION NIKON D300S (4288x2848)12354215 copyme of day do you prefer to exercise?
A: (Lisa) Not only do early morning workouts best fit into my schedule but it’s too easy to put off going to the gym later in the day.
A: (Diane) Definitely early morning, it makes me feel better the rest of the day knowing I accomplished something.

Q: What is your favorite “junk food”?
A: (Lisa) Pizza and Mexican.
A: (Diane) Anything with chocolate and peanut butter, and french fries!

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