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Put the Spark Back Into Your Cardio Routine

February 21st, 2014

1167206_10151616553682887_2084271916_oAre you in a love/hate relationship with the treadmill? Seem to be spending hours a week on the elliptical trying not to fall asleep?  It may be time to switch up your cardio routine. Interval training is a great way to stave off boredom and make cardio more interesting. Not only will interval training keep your attention, you’ll burn more calories and increase your aerobic capacity. Interval training is versatile as well, it can be performed with any type of cardio activity. Put the spark back in your routine with the following workout…

With a cardiovascular exercise of choice, warm up with light exercise for 5-10 minutes

Perform 30 seconds of intense exercise followed by 1 minute of active rest until breathing slows and muscle burning dissipates, repeat 10 times.

Finish the workout with an easy cool down for 5 minutes

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