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Power Through the Holidays – Healthy Tips for This Season

November 21st, 2013

kickIt’s no secret that the holiday season may be the most difficult time to stick to a fitness and nutrition regiment.  With holiday parties comes late nights and excess calories making it seem nearly impossible to achieve weight loss goals or even maintain your weight.  The six week stretch from Thanksgiving to the New Year allows plenty of time for overeating and missed workouts but being aware that this season brings temptation in all forms is the first step to successfully making it through!  This year we’ve created a Beat the Holidays Challenge to keep 26 of our very own members in line this winter!  Their self control will be put to the test as they battle for the most improved body composition.  We’ve compiled our list (and checked it twice) of our beginning stats including: body weight, body fat percentage, waist circumference, lean body mass and fat mass.  As a reward our winner will receive a membership upgrade for the month of February and a deep tissue massage at Spa 400.  With Thanksgiving just around the corner we’ve got a few tips to help you get ahead of the game…

  • Schedule your workouts ahead of time and pre pack your gym back, don’t leave room for excuses!
  • Don’t arrive to the party hungry, eat regular meals throughout the day to avoid overeating.
  • Limit alcohol consumption to keep your appetite in check, try drinking a glass of water in between alcoholic beverages.
  • Don’t let one bad day discourage you or let you fall off the wagon. We all indulge once in awhile, pick up where you left off the next day.
  • Keep the scale close, be mindful of your weight instead of ignoring it!

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy holiday and good luck to our contestants!  Stay tuned for the results!

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