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Long, Lean, Strong…Learn The GRAVITY Secret

February 8th, 2016


By Dane Robinson – BS,PES,NASM-CPT

It’s 2016 people! Strength is the new Sexy!

Let’s finally knock the myth (ladies specifically) that if you so much as look at a heavy weight, let alone pick it up, you will “bulk” into some unappealing version of Arnold Scharwzenegger. Muscle is what cranks up your fat-burning furnace. Turning on that furnace will help create a new, long, lean, and defined version of yourself.

One of the premier classes that centers on developing this is right underneath your nose and you probably don’t even know it!
Your new secret weapon…GRAVITY

GRAVITY is a strength based class session based on everyone in session utilizing the Total Gym.
Chuck Norris. Christie Brinkley. Saturday morning infomercial…yeah that machine! GRAVITY sessions combines the muscle defining work your body craves with a full body focus where no part is ever left out.

By using only your body-weight with constant resistance tension the Total Gym places on you, GRAVITY creates a demand on your muscles like nothing you’ve felt before. Muscle that burns fat. Muscle that changes your composition. That “I’m going to find every excuse to flex my arm to show off my biceps” kind of muscle.

Plus let’s remember that if you’re not enjoying what you are doing (…after class is over that is) you’re probably not going to stick with it. GRAVITY is not just a workout. It’s an atmosphere you’re placed in that almost guarantees your success each session. The fact that you are with others enduring around you and with your GRAVITY coach that has that unique way of safely kicking you into another gear with a devilish, yet motivating smile.

The Total Gym is just that…a total gym experience condensed in one machine. GRAVITY is dedicated to you. The sculpted, toned, defined you. Pair your new BEST kept secret class with Western New York’s LEAST kept fitness secret. GRAVITY at Hive Lifespan Center is your combo for an incredible and STRONG 2016.

GRAVITY: Your new secret weapon. See why people are hooked on GRAVITY …click that mouse HERE

Dane Robinson is a Hive Ambassador and the Fitness Director at Gravity Studio Atlanta.  Dane can be reached at dane@gravitystudio.com.

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  1. Brian C Says:

    Dane is one of the best trainers in the business! This class can help you achieve all of your fitness goals!

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