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Keep Your Beach Body Year Round

July 26th, 2014

10501672_10202952815436118_5023156433509062889_n 2 copyWouldn’t it be nice to never have to “cram” for your beach body again? Want to forget about loading up on frenzied workouts just weeks before every vacation? Do you dream about getting in the best shape possible well before summer hits? You can keep the body you want all year round, not just before an impending visit to the beach with our expert tips. Follow our plan and when it comes time for your mid winter vacation, this time you’ll be ready to hit the beach with little to no effort.

1. You Are What You Eat

Crash dieting two or three times a year before a special event or a trip to the Bahamas may seem effective but it is certainly not efficient, or healthy. Maintaining a healthy diet with proper nutrients and calories year round is a far better way to fuel your body and keep excess, unwanted body fat at bay. If you load up on fried food and sweets most days of the year, then you can expect to be disappointed when you try on a new bathing suit in May. Save excess calories and comfort foods for a couple times a month while keeping your diet in check most days of the year. You’ll avoid the dreaded starvation mode and crash dieting.

2. The Buddy System

Planning to exercise and stay active with a friend can be one of the most powerful motivators for staying on the right track. A friend or workout partner can keep you accountable and encourage you to get moving even on your most unmotivated days. If you’re really serious, hiring a personal trainer can be an alternative route to staying consistent and in turn, fit year round.

3. Commit To It

Committing to making exercise a part of your lifestyle is the meat and potatoes of staying in shape for the long term. Sticking with an exercise routine doesn’t have to mean a hard-hitting workout 7 days a week. Moving more in daily life and committing to an exercise program that includes weight bearing exercise and cardiovascular activity at least 3 times a week can have a serious impact on how you look and feel.  In addition, staying consistent week after week is integral to maintaining a desired physique.

4. Stave off Boredom

Don’t let your mind or your body get bored. Keeping a routine is one thing, but doing the same exercises/classes/weights time after time can get you stuck in a rut; not only will you get sick of doing the same things over and over but your body will get comfortable. At that point, you’ll start burning fewer calories and building less muscle. Switch it up. Try a new class, take your workout outside in the warm weather, or add some weight to your lifting routine.

5. Baby Steps

The key to staying in shape year round is not putting the cart in front of the horse. Set small goals that are challenging yet achievable. Remember, you’re not cramming for the bikini debut anymore; a healthy body that perseveres through winter is sculpted over time. Nothing good comes easy, or fast, so take your time. Small weight losses over time are much easier maintained than one large loss from a crash diet and a few weeks of intense exercise. Avoiding a yo-yo of weight loss and gain is key.

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