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September 26th, 2014

Fuel ResultsThis past July, we celebrated the successes of three of our members who have been working with our Dietitian, Beeta Fernando in her Fuel Nutrition Coaching program. Pictured here (right to left) is Beeta, Kurt Fetter, Sanil Nigalye, Hana Halloran. All three started in the program because they were looking to make lifestyle changes that would impact their waistlines and body composition but also their athletic performance and over all health. Kurt achieved an impressive body composition of 12%, but also focused on fueling properly for his workouts and recovery. Sanil has dropped his body composition to an equally impressive 18%. Sanil works out hard with his trainers at the club and he just wanted to LOOK like he worked out as hard as he does. Now he is convinced that nutrition is the key link to make that happen. Hana has also been able to lose more than 10 inches off her body, with almost 4 inches coming off her waistline alone. ARE YOU READY TO TAKE YOUR RESULTS TO THE NEXT LEVEL? See Beeta and talk to her about a personal nutrition plan to make that happen.

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