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High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is all the rage because, simply put, it builds muscle and burns fat.

We offer four interval classes, each with a different emphasis but all designed to push you to your max without burning you out.


An action-packed, innovative twist on a traditional boot camp class, this structured workout features cutting-edge exercise formats and a healthy dose of intensity designed to increase muscular strength, enhance power and optimize caloric burn.


A cardio class that never feels routine, HIVE BURN consists of structured intervals and smart, purposeful training on a range of cardio equipment. Improve your endurance while you train like an athlete.


Zone in on select muscle in this high-energy conditioning class. You’ll sculpt your physique while keeping a constant focus on strengthening and slimming your core.

Box is a high energy total body circuit workout that incorporates endurance, strength and power training regimens. Box is designed using timed rounds of bag work, striking drills, core exercises, and intense metabolic intervals that will leave you sweat drenched and feeling like a warrior.

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