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Exercise: The Fountain of Youth?

June 5th, 2014

pic5Anti-aging products and promises are everywhere these days. In a quest for the fountain of youth we spend exorbitant amounts of money on creams, gels, vitamins, and everything in between. Some of these products can be helpful but the roots of slowing the aging process lie in a maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and a key component of a thriving body is exercise.

Fending off a aging doesn’t mean just preventing crows feet and laugh lines, the rest of your body needs attention too. Weight bearing exercises promote bone density, perfecting exercises such as squatting which we all do in every day life can make daily tasks easier and protect our joints, and a few extra minutes of cardio will preserve our lungs and heart.

Not only will regular exercise keep everything below the neck in a youthful state, you’ll see results outwardly as well. Exercise can make your skin look younger; when we sweat and exercise our hormones regulate, inflammation decreases and more blood is available to the skin which can repair damage and increase the production of collagen producing cells. Less body fat and more muscle can make anyone look and feel better and even younger, a strong, firm body is key in maintaining a youthful appearance. Exercise also reduces stress and anxiety which can take a serious toll on the body, especially the skin.

Pair your latest age perfecting eye cream with your next workout and we are sure you’ll be satisfied with the results!

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