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dotFit Success Story: Joe & Katie Fink

June 26th, 2014

Posted by Patrick Blackford BS, CSCS

Firstly, I want to congratulate both Katie and Joe Fink on their recent weight loss successes. They recently joined the dotFIT 6 week results program and it paid off big time. The program began in late March and wrapped up in early May. I truly couldn’t ask for more enthusiastic, attentive clients to work with. This couple, recently celebrating their 10th anniversary, was able to drop a combined total of 53.5 pounds and 59 inches in only 6 weeks!

The Results:

Joe lost 28 pounds and 33 inches (from chest, lats, abs, hips, biceps and upper legs)

Katie lost 25.5 pounds and 26 inches (from chest, lats, abs, hips, biceps, and upper legs)

The Formula:


  • 4-5 days semi private training at hive
  • Staying active on the weekends


  • Energy balance (calories in vs. calories out)
  • Proper macronutrient levels (carbs, fats, protein)
  • Natural/organic food selections
  • Supplementation (protein and vitamins)


IMG_0381Joe “I am not going to lie, sometimes it was difficult but this program helped me stay determined in my weight loss goals. I really desired to learn how to eat correctly. With Pat’s help, I learned how to take in the correct percentage of carbs, fats and proteins which definitely changed the way I think about eating. Now, I realize that improving my overall lifestyle is the only way to manage my weight and keep it off.”








IMG_0307Katie “Although it required some hard work and dedication, the program was great! I am now much more aware of what I’m eating and it has become much easier to make better, healthier food decisions. I fully plan to continue tracking my food and calorie intake because it definitely helps to keep me in line!”








2 Responses to “ dotFit Success Story: Joe & Katie Fink ”

  1. Robert Mork Says:

    I am very proud of Joe and Katie they are amazing people. Their determination is profound. Kudos to them for inspiring the rest of us slackers.

  2. Dana Says:

    Great work!!!

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