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Benefits Of Working Out With A Partner

February 21st, 2015

So you’ve joined a gym and committed to making exercise a part of your new healthy lifestyle. What follows next is what will ultimately determine whether you begin seeing results or not…making it to the club consistently for a sweat sesh. If you have been struggling getting to the gym regularly you may want to consider partnering up. Having a work out wingman can mean the difference between success and failure when it comes to your personal fitness goals. Unless you tend to be a highly motivated-self starter, your chances of sticking with a fitness program for the long term without a partner are significantly lower than they are with a partner.

hive 1Finding Your Very Own BFF (Best Fitness Friend)

Finding the ideal workout partner is a bit more involved than just grabbing your cube mate or any random person from the group cycling class at the gym. Opt for someone with a similar schedule. The vast majority of us suffer from time poverty and it’s hard enough to find time to exercise on your own calendar so finding a fitness pal who has a compatible schedule is a must. It’s also a good idea initially to look for a partner that is reasonably close to your current personal fitness level in terms of athleticism, strength and endurance. This will help build a solid foundation from the beginning stages of the workout relationship. Lastly if you’re looking for someone to help you stay fit for the long term it can’t be serious and intense all of the time. Some days taking a brisk recovery walk to catch-up, laugh and chill is equally important. It’s all about finding balance.

Set Goals Together And Celebrate Success

You may have a goal of fitting back in your favorite bikini by summer and your partner may aspire to run their first half marathon. It’s not imperative that fitness friends share the same goal but rather to celebrate each other’s progress throughout the journey. Rewarding yourself each time you hit your next fitness marker will help keep you focused on track. Pick a new active wear item you have each had your eye on, book a spa day or take a night off from work and stress to catch a movie.

Putting The Fun In Functional Training

Training in tandem boosts your motivation and intensity while putting the fun back in fitness. When training with

a partner or in a small group you will be more likely to tackle intimidating moves and tough out those last few reps that you may have let slide if you were working out on your own. An added surprise will be how your workout time will fly by and quickly become an occasion that you look forward to.


You Won’t Skip A Workout

Many individuals have a tendency to quit or give up more easily when working toward a goal on their own, however when someone else is counting on you it’s different. Keeping your gym bag pre-packed in your car will help you resist the urge to head home after a tiring day of work and after a few short weeks once you’re in the habit, you won’t even consider canceling on your friend.

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