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8 Diet & Exercise Myths You’re Probably Following and Shouldn’t Be

June 4th, 2014

1. Everyone should go gluten-free. – Unless you have Celiac disease, which is about 1% of the population, you can eat gluten. If you are gluten sensitive you may need to cut back but gluten is present in many nutritious and essential foods like whole grains, barley, rye and oats and should not be excluded from the diet of a healthy person who is able to digest it.

2. Eating carbohydrates will make you fat. – Eating pizza, soda, and ice cream will make you fat; eating whole grains, fruits and other carb containing healthy foods are necessary in moderation and will not cause weight gain unless eaten to excess.

3. Don’t eat fruit, it has too much sugar. – No one ever gotten fat from eating too much fruit. Fruit has tons of vitamins and minerals that our bodies need. Instead of cutting out fruit, cut out soda, ice cream, candy, fake sugars and other sweets that have no nutritional content. Unless you’re diabetic, eating a reasonable amount of fruit will not have a negative impact on your body.

4. Lifting weights will make you look bulky. – Lifting weights is the only way to develop a sculpted physique. Your genetic make up will determine how big or small your muscles can get. Most women do not have the genetic make up to look bulky. A bulky appearance is attained when someone builds muscle but does not lose body fat over the muscle.

5. Running will make you skinny. – The dream of a “runner’s body” is not a realistic goal. Yes, people who run marathons are slender but they are probably genetically predisposed to look like that, and that’s why they’re good at running. Running will not make you tall, lean and slender; it just won’t.

6. “Toning” is a thing. – You can’t “tone” muscle. Muscles can be built up and broken down but they can’t be toned into whatever you want them to look like. Losing body fat over a muscle that has already been developed is the only way to give the illusion of this thing called toning.

7. More crunches will give you a 6-pack. – “Abs are made in the kitchen.” You can tighten and build abdominal muscle with core work but to see a 6 pack you need to eat a clean, healthy diet otherwise your abs will be hidden under excess body fat.

8. Eating lots of protein won’t make you fat. – The truth is, excess of anything can make you store body fat. Extra calories are extra calories and whether they are from carbs, or protein they will be stored as fat if your body doesn’t need them.

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