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5 Ways to Reach Your Fitness Goals Before New Years

December 6th, 2017

It’s well known that the Holiday season is the toughest time to stay in a healthy routine. Between all of the eating and running around, we are almost always too exhausted to do much else. A lot of us set New Years Resolutions last January, but 73% of people who set fitness goals as their resolution give up before six weeks. This is according to an online study conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of Bodybuilding.com, you can read more here. We can come up with a million excuses, or we can come up with a million solutions. Let’s do the latter. Here are 5 ways to reach your fitness goals before it’s time to make new ones.

1. Partner Up

Find someone who wants to join you. You can head to a class together, hold each other accountable, talk about struggles and celebrate successes. This is one of the best ways to keep you motivated. If you don’t know anyone who would want to be your workout partner, thats okay. We have Team Training classes that range anywhere from 8-14 people per class or semi-private training classes that are up to 4 people. There will always be people at hive to motivate you!

2. Talk to a Trainer

At Hive, we have 13 trainers that are ready and willing to help you through your journey. They are all a little different, so we are sure you will find the right fit for you. Talk to them about your goals and they will help you reach them. Our favorite part- we will do an initial assessment, so you can compare your results as you improve! Learn more about each of our trainers here.

3. Be Consistent

This is extremely important especially when setting a goal for a short amount of time. It doesn’t matter what your goal is. The same rule applies- you must keep going. You have to show up, work hard, and then show up again because the quickest way to “fall off the wagon” is to not have a routine. At hive, we can set your classes up on a reoccurring basis. For example, if you want to train every Monday at 6 a.m., we will make sure you have your classes set up without you forgetting to schedule them. This is fool proof – NO excuses.

4.Remember the Big Picture

Is your goal to get stronger? Is it to lose weight? Both? Keep that in mind. Visualize your changes and use that as motivation when you’re struggling to keep going. Remember what brought you to workout in the first place. It’s like running: the first 5 minutes are tough, but once you get going you could probably run for longer than you originally thought you could.

5. Have fun!

We LOVE to have fun here. Check out our Facebook and Instagram for proof! We celebrate success and create themed challenges to keep you moving and motivated. Notice the community that has been created at hive. Why do you think we call it a club instead of just a gym? We are all here for so much more than that! Join hive in Bonus classes, Sweat it Forward Classes within the community, and get hive printed apparel to get the true hive experience. Read more about us here.


So what do you say, are you ready? Let’s do this.

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