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4 Recovery Workouts For Your “Too Sore” Days

March 18th, 2014

IMG_7751You’re stiff, sore, tired and you don’t even want to move a muscle let alone head to the gym for another workout. Unfortunately, your muscles need to move in order to recover and sometimes the best remedy for muscle soreness after a killer workout is another (low key) workout! Try these short, less intense, ideas when you just need an extra day to take a breather…

  1. Yoga.Taking a gentle yoga class will open up tight joints, relax you, and get you moving a bit. 
  2. Foam roller sequence. Using a foam roller for 15 minutes will release knots in your fascia and loosen muscles, ultimately preventing injury.
  3. Walk/run interval training. Get loose and get the blood flowing by alternating between walking and light jogging for 20 – 30 minutes.
  4. Hill workout on the treadmill. Take the incline up a notch on the treadmill and walk a few “hills”. Be sure to stretch your lower body, especially calves when you’re done.

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